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- Gil - 08-29-2001 03:00 PM

We have an underground cellar below the house. While the temperature and humidity seem OK, the air is a bit "musty". Will this damage any wine stored there??<BR>If so what should we do?<BR>It will be impractical to "tank" the cellar to avoid any dampness recurring due to the massive cost involved!<BR>Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

- cpurvis - 08-29-2001 03:41 PM

Bucko comes out a bit "musty" after each winter in Olympia, but his wines don't seem to suffer <IMG SRC=""><BR>cp

- hotwine - 08-29-2001 04:16 PM

You may get a little mustiness imparted to the wine over time, but it shouldn't be a concern if temperature and humidity are within limits.<P>Gil (in Texas)<P>BTW, suggest you choose another username to avoid confusing our brethren on the board.<p>[This message has been edited by hotwine (edited 08-29-2001).]

- Bucko - 08-29-2001 04:28 PM

It will not damage the wine but the labels can sure be destroyed.<P>Bucko

- winoweenie - 08-29-2001 04:46 PM

Hi Gil and welcome to the board. Your wine has a cork. It's sealed, ergo, nuttin' goes in and nuttin' goes out as long as the corks are intact. Unless you're cellaring to resale, who gives a rats' thing-e-bob about the lables. In the words of the almighty Weenier " Don't Hurt The Drinkin' Of It None " WW

- Innkeeper - 08-29-2001 05:03 PM

I think we live in the same kind of climates. We have musty cellars too. It's a lot less expensive to tape your labels back on from time to time than to put in a temperature and humidity control system.