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- hotwine - 06-15-2001 07:16 AM

The Weekend section of Friday's edition contains an article on the lengths some people go to, to provide an ideal environment for ageing their wines. I had to chuckle. It's a fun read.

- Bucko - 06-15-2001 08:15 AM

What's the link, ya danged 'ol scudder? Or do you subscribe?<P>IlliterateBucko

- hotwine - 06-15-2001 09:13 AM

I subscribe to the online version, which can no longer be read without a subscription. Subscribe to the print edition, too, but have it delivered to my mom and pick it up the next day. At the age of 89, she's earned it and really enjoys it.<P>Anythingbutlateforsupper

- thewoodman - 06-15-2001 06:10 PM

I seem to still get the PDA version through AvantGo even though no subscription. This may be a loophole they haven't plugged.<P>Ssshhhh...