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- chloeyoh - 05-02-2001 05:03 PM

I'm looking for a balancing wine bottle holder. I've found the "butlers" style, but either maple or stainless steel would go with our new kitchen.<BR>I'd appreciate any advice in finding a retailer which carries this.<P>Thank you!!!!

- Drew - 05-03-2001 02:38 AM

Go to and put "balancing wine bottle holder" in the search box. I found many holders of your description. You also might try to locate a chain of stores named Lechters that specialize in kitchen accessories.<P>Drew

- winoweenie - 05-03-2001 02:56 PM

The parent company of Lechters called Hannibals' sends these to your cellar by qualified personnel by 12 pm daily. The shoices are absolutely rendering. WW