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- barnesy - 11-21-2000 11:15 AM

At Costco Wholesale, for those of us who don't have Sam's Club, they have a 24 bottle wine cave made by Vinotemp for $199. I am hoping for one for Christmas.<P>They also have some reidel crystal. They have a set of 8 Cabernet/general red wine glasses for $75. They are the ones with machine blown stems. They also have the chardonnay/general white glasses for the same deal, 8 for $75.<P>Barnesy

- winoweenie - 11-21-2000 05:44 PM

The Fat-Man will probably deliver your lump of coal any day. WW That`s a good price on the Reidel. The cheapest I`ve seen is 86 for the set of 6. I really like the Vinium series for the money.<p>[This message has been edited by winoweenie (edited 11-21-2000).]

- thewoodman - 11-21-2000 09:16 PM

I think the Reidels at Costco are Overtures, i.e., the line below Vinum. So really not that great a deal. Vinums are much nicer. I've seen them for 12.99 a stem in sixes at Wine Exchange ( Speigelau (sp?) are the great bargain in my book, $5.99 a stem in sixes at The Wine Club.<P>I may have to look at the Vnotemp, however.

- winoweenie - 11-22-2000 06:02 AM

Barnsey, the Overtures are 15 bucks retail here in Ph. Think that 6 of the Vinium at 86 , If you are careful with them, make for a much nicer mouthfeel. I have some of the Overtures that I use for any of my guests who want some of Connies` Chardonnay. (hehe) WW

- Scoop - 11-22-2000 08:54 AM

That's Riedel, guys, not "Reidel" (kind of like it's Riesling, not "Reisling". Chalk it up to that "awful German language" (I'm quoting Mark Twain here) -- and its tricky diphthongs.<P>Ironically, there is an original copy of the Declaration of Independence in German, as many (if not the majority) in the colony of Pennsylvania spoke "Deutsch" at the time, not "Dutch" (as it was later dubbed). What could have been: "Amerika" <IMG SRC="">. <P>"ie" is prounced "ee"<P>"ei" is prounced "i"<P>Beste Gruesse, Schoenes Dankfest,<P>Scoop <p>[This message has been edited by Scoop (edited 11-22-2000).]

- Drew - 11-22-2000 11:41 PM

...and a "gl├╝cklich Danksagung" to you.<P>Drew

- winoweenie - 11-23-2000 06:57 AM

Tanks bunches Scoopster. Sure as the blazes wont make that stupid blunder agin! winoweenie. You meens I`m drinkin` out of REEDELS? What a bummer.<p>[This message has been edited by winoweenie (edited 11-23-2000).]