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- barnesy - 08-10-2000 09:12 PM

I have been looking into storage for a small volume of wines. Something between 24 and 50. I have seen several custom cooling cabinets and I have also seen a device that plugs into an existing refrig(not being used for other stuff) with a thermometer that goes in side that regulates the temp. Has anyone heard anything about the latter? I have a nice little fridge that would work well.<P>Barnesy

- Bucko - 08-10-2000 09:55 PM

I know of two such devices and both work well for temperature control, WineStat ($149) and the Johnson Controls device ($45-60). The problem lies in humidity control, which refrigerators do not do (they tend to dry out the air). How important humidity truly is, is anybodies guess. It is a frequent subject of debate on the various wine boards.<P>Bucko

- barnesy - 08-10-2000 10:03 PM

Bucko,<P>Thanks for the info. Do either items have a web site? I found one on the web called CellarSteward for about 180. The others would be a lot more economical.<P>Barnesy