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- vinho - 06-24-2000 04:53 PM

Where can I buy (in Michigan) a refrigarated unit to store Wine botles? How much does it cost?<BR>The unit should be big enough to store between 150 and 200 botles.<BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Vinho.

- hotwine - 06-24-2000 08:10 PM

I'm looking at a copy of Wine Spectator magazine, this one dated June 15 2000. Ads for vendors of free-standing "wine cellars" begin on page 138. It looks like a unit large enough to hold 200 bottles might run you $1200 to $1400. <BR>Many of these outfits have Web sites and/or toll-free numbers, such as:<BR>- Vinotemp International,<BR>- All That Wine Jazz, 1-800-610-7731<BR>- Kedco, 1-800-654-9988<BR>- Westside Winecellars, 1-888-694-9463, or <BR>- Wine Appreciation Guild, 1-800-231-9463<BR>- International Wine Accessories, 1-800-527-4072 or<P>Most such units control both temperature and humidity, some in dual zones, and can be quite decorative, like a piece of furniture.<P>Good luck.