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- masslsrls - 12-11-1999 07:01 PM

Any suggestions on red wine to cellar under $15.00 (is that possible?) I am looking to purchase three or four cases in the coming months to add to my 8 cases. I have cases mainly from California and Australia and do not mind adding wine from those regions or others. Thanks

- Bucko - 12-11-1999 08:30 PM

Tough request! Most reds under $15 are ready for near term consumption. Some candidates for a few years ageability would be:<P>BV Rutherford Cabernet (CA)<BR>Carmenet Dynamite Cabernet (CA)<BR>Chateau Souverain Cabernet (CA)<BR>Columbia Crest Estate Cabernet (WA)<BR>Rosemount Traditional (OZ)<BR>Clavel, La Copa Santa (Languedoc) My #1 pick<P>Bucko

- Jerry D Mead - 12-12-1999 12:16 AM

Sterling 1997 Merlot has a list of $20, but from a discounter should be down in your price range...and it will go for ten years.<P>Michael Pozzan 1997 "Sonoma" Shiraz ($15 or less)<P>Geyser Peak "Sonoma" Cabernet or Shiraz ($15 or less)