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- cosmo - 10-06-1999 03:22 PM

Hi...I just bought an old house with an unfinished basement and a wine rack built in over the fridge. The wine rack is great for every day wines, but to store wine to age...would the basement work ( I have not invested in a cellar yet)..

- Jerry D Mead - 10-08-1999 01:59 AM

Beware the rack over the fridge...sounds like a warm spot. Heat rises from the fridge...the kitchen tends to be warm anyhow...not good even for short-term storage. Even the reds will always have to be chilled.<p>Basements are usually good. Get a thermometer down there and determine the temp range from summer/fall/winter.

- rmjb - 10-10-1999 03:43 AM

I have a dark, quiet, dry cellar but the temperature varies between 24C in the summer and 18C in the winter.<p>Can I use the cellar for storage? <p>What if any risks are there?<p>Thanks.<p>David Blank<br>Jerusalem, Israel