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- ekgross - 04-08-1999 12:15 AM

After I uncork a bottle of merlot, and if I put the cork back in, how long will the wine still be drinkable? Thanks to anyone who has advice.- E.K.Gross

- n144mann - 04-08-1999 05:54 AM

Drinkable?? that is a matter of opinion. <IMG SRC=""><br>The truth is your wine, once opened, will never be the same, but you can get it to keep fairly well for a day or two by doing a few things. These were discussed in a post in the paraphernalia section a month or so ago, you will need to get the messages from the last 60 days to see the post. Sugggestions include putting it in the smallest bottle you have and corking it, refrigerating it is always a good idea, and WC recommends a product called Private Preserve which is a small can that dispenses a nitrogen gas mix into your bottle. THe nitrogen is inert(won't react with the wine) and is heavier than the air, so sinks and forms a blanket on the wine, eliminating the oxidation problem. (spoiling of your wine) If you use the nitrogen, it will keep for a few days, maybe longer. I usually drink my wine the next day after opening, but have kept it up to 3 days. Personal choice.<br>Hope this helps.<p>[This message has been edited by n144mann (edited 04-08-99).]