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- andrawes76 - 12-29-2009 07:12 PM

First of all, thanks for all the suggestions. Once you get to Mendoza, you understand why its really difficult to visit more than 3 vineyards per day without feeling guilty. Argentine's have a very European meets Latin mentality. Very hospitable, and opinionated. They drown you in attention and then after 2 hours, you're already late to the next tasting. Also, there is a distinct difference between the US/Canadian palate and the Old World so opinions will no doubt vary.

Here is the initial notes of the Mendoza visit....

I) Achaval Ferrer - I became a huge fan of the 2005 Finca Mirador. It truly was a magnificent wine. The winery was very gracious with wine tours, but small. It is a boutique winery by all means. We started the tasting with the Mendoza Malbec 08, which earthy, young, but lush with fruit and spice. Its their baseline offering and IMHO slightly tannic out of the bottle, but opens tremendously with concentrated plum, white pepper. Smell white flowers. Its texture is dense and requires decanting. Cellar potential of 5-7 years, if not more. I'm following JM's scoring system: 90/89.

Next from Achaval Ferrer is the 06 Altimura. White floral notes, cigar box. Taste the dense velvet tannins that exhibit wild flavors of dark cherry, plum, jerky, and vanilla. This is a serious wine that needs decanting, but opens up and shows its true colors. 92/91

Finally from Achaval Ferrer is the 07 Bellavista which is vineyard located directly in front of the winery. Its a slightly higher elevation with incredible proximity to irrigation from the serene Andes Mountains. Its beautiful.... The Bellavista IMHO does not measure up to the 05 Finca Mirador. Not that I was not impressed, but it had a slightly vegetable quality to the wine that is not characteristic of the wine. It had the typical white floral nose with concentrated fruit but the delivery was perhaps premature. This sucker no doubt needs time, and will improve. WS gave it a 96 and I think its probably on par from a cellar perspective but right now I'd give her a 93/91.

Okay so one more, not available in the US is their answer to the port/dessert wine... the Achaval Ferrer Dolce. Its a small production that is intensely sweet with fig, raisin, and dark chocolate notes. Its extremely good but beware, it may release the Mr. Hyde in you if you drink too much more than a sifter....

More notes coming on Pulenta Estate, Tempus Alba, Catena Zapata, and Ruca Malen. I will also offer a few tasting notes on wines/restaurants as well....

Peace, health and prosperity in 2010,

-Alex (PW)

- hotwine - 12-29-2009 07:43 PM

Good to hear from you PW and keep the notes coming. What are the prospects for importing those gems?

- andrawes76 - 01-18-2010 01:20 AM

Hotwine, I'm working on it! Posted a blog about the first day in Mendoza

Call me about the Avignoese.