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- Tilen - 02-20-2008 03:28 PM

Hi there, I have known Mr. Mead when he was a taster at the wine competition in Ljubljana which was managed by my father Stane Terlep. Paul Blom directed me to this site since I need some help in matters USA. I would like to ask for help in preparing a presentation of the USA to the 2nd level sommelier coursetakers. If anyone has any up to date data in the quantities of grapes and wines produced or any interesting pictures of the landscape id be very gratefull if you could share them with us.

Thanks and best regards,


- winoweenie - 02-21-2008 11:40 AM

Hi Tilen and welcome to the board. Jerry was a great friend of mine also and was the driving force behind this board. 2 of our moderators, Bucko and KC can probably be of help in your quest. Post this under The "Talk to your Moderators" thread and they'll probably see it sooner. Welcome aboard. WW