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- Bucko - 09-10-2001 09:56 AM

If Jerry can read this, I know he will be smiling. Thanks Jerry, I finally made it to a top 100 newspaper, all because of your help and inspiration.


- winoweenie - 09-10-2001 05:20 PM

Congrats Bucko-Pulitzer. Which rag do we be gracing? WW

- cpurvis - 09-10-2001 05:21 PM

Bucko, I was goin' through some old files a couple weeks ago & found one of the first wine articles I saved after I moved to Calif. & got interested in wine. It was authored by none other than the Curmster...described several varietals & typical characteristics. I imagine he influenced many more people than ever realized it. cp

- Bucko - 09-10-2001 06:34 PM

Writing for the Tacoma News Tribune now....

- winoweenie - 09-11-2001 06:36 AM

Bravo! Bucko, and Away Him Go. WW

- Jackie - 09-18-2001 05:30 PM

Congratulations. What can we do to help publicize/promote this?


- barnesy - 09-18-2001 06:31 PM

I am sure the Tacoma paper is big enough to have a website. Perhaps we could link his article directly to this page.


- Bucko - 09-18-2001 06:33 PM

Jackie, thanks for the offer, but I think that most people in the trade know about it. My wine samples are growing exponentially. I have to open about 5 wines a night just to break even, and that is not even touching my cellar full of personal wine.

- hotwine - 09-18-2001 06:54 PM

If you think you're gonna get any sympathy for being deluged with wine, you've got another thunk comin'!

- Bucko - 09-18-2001 08:42 PM

[img][/img] [img][/img]

- EPICURUS - 10-06-2001 06:42 PM

Now that I have located my password I will keep on posting today...

Have there been any efforts of late to create a way to permanently acknowledge the extraordinary contributions that JM made to the industry?

I know that this is done in part by keeping his name attached to the New World International WC. But I was thinking of some sort of award, similar to the Lodi Woodbridge Winegrape Commission Integrity Award, that might be bestowed for advancing the cause of the wine consumer.

Maybe Free the Grapes could make such award and issue a press release. Or Family Winemakers of CA/AVA (don't think The Institute would go for such a gesture).

Any other ideas...?