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- Mike Stepanovich - 06-20-2000 05:59 PM

OK, Jim, I'm in. My first posting on the Wine Board. Hope this gets to you, and that I can be of help.

Best, Mike...

- Wallace - 06-20-2000 07:21 PM

Welcome aboard good sir. Please drop a note letting folks know what you do so if they have questions in your field of expertise they can direct them your way. Aren't you at CSFresburg now?

- winoweenie - 06-21-2000 07:58 AM

Hi Jim, My name is Verne Batchelor. I live, eat, and drink (but not exclusively) in Phoenix, Az. I`m involved in carpet manufacturing and distribution. Our mill is in Dalton, Ga. and I actively cover Az , Las Vegas, and Calif up to, and including, my outstanding account in Napa-Sonoma. I`ve collectrd wine for over thorty years and can`t think of any ludicrous activity I`ve been involved that has been as much downright fun. As Palladin would say, " Have Bottle, Will Travel " Winoweenie

- Thomas - 06-21-2000 09:49 AM

Palladin? Man, you are old! Me, I vaguely remember Richard Boone in a black outfit, plus the words to the theme song; must have something to do with the fact that I am getting old too....

- EPICURUS - 06-22-2000 10:09 AM

OK, Wallace, fess up. You just want to "drive" more people to your cyber winestore on this website...? Just kidding. You are definitely contributing to an already strong board by encouraging members of the Kid's list to pop over. Merci

- Mike Stepanovich - 06-27-2000 11:42 AM

OK, Jim, here goes. I've been writing my wine column, "Life is a Cabernet," since 1985, first at the Bakersfield Californian, then syndicated with Columbia Features (they went bust a few years back), and now with Bakersfield Magazine. I also occasionally write for The Wine News. I also teach wine and food classes in Bakersfield, just completed a 2.5 year term as president of the Bakersfield Wine Society, and also teach wine history/tasting courses at Cal State Northridge. I've also been a guest lecturer in the enology department at Fresno State. I'm a judge at various wine competions around the country, including the NWIWC, the Riverside International, Long Beach Grand Cru and Indy International. I'm also writing a novel about wine which might actually get published if I can ever get it transferred off the 5.25" floppy I started it on and onto a 3.5" or zip! I'm also a longtime collector, and since I was born and grew up in the Paso Robles area I focus a lot of my attention on the Central Coast area. Needless to say, however, I also have numerous friends and contacts in Napa, Sonoma and Temecula as well. And what do I do for a real job? I'm the public relations director for CSU Bakersfield, and also teach journalism classes in the communications department (I was a daily journalist for 24 years). Oh yeah, people can also reach me at my home e-mail address which is
Cheers! Mike...

- Dick Peterson - 07-17-2000 11:03 PM

Hey winoweenie, I loved your use of the time term "thorty years." It really rang a bell with me because that's exactly how long I've suffered from same profession as all the other kids. Best regards.

- winoweenie - 07-18-2000 09:47 AM

Hi Dick, Were your ears burning last Fri nite? Jim and Miramae came over to our humble and we broke open a few jugs of vinegar. Naturally Jim, as he became more animated and involved with the juice started telling tales from the Cantebury Napa and , naturally yours came up. Wow! Didn`t know you had the time and energy to accomplish all the merriment attributed to you by your buddy.Any-whos,we had a marvelous time.And Mike,I love the Tueday Vintage in the clear glass bottle served at Woolgrowers. Do you consult on this marvelous beverage? Winoweenie