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- Innkeeper - 11-21-2000 03:45 PM

Wouldn't Jerry have loved to see our numbers of registered members closing in on 3000!!!

- winoweenie - 11-21-2000 08:07 PM

All due to the high quality of verbage, the consistantly accurate answers,the brilliant personalities gathered here AND the fact all other forums are full. WW

- RAD - 11-21-2000 08:34 PM

Question guys--

What exactly is the purpose of this forum? What does "Jerry's Kids" mean, other than the reference to the telethon?


- Bucko - 11-21-2000 09:03 PM

There used to be a large group of people on an e-mail list, actually three lists, the good, the bad and the really bad, which Jerry Mead sent around. People on the list became known as Jerry's kids.


- RAD - 11-21-2000 10:22 PM

OK, hope I'm not waxing sacrilegious (or ignorant) here, but who exactly is (was?) Jerry Mead?


- Bucko - 11-21-2000 11:52 PM

Whoa, you're in deep doo doo now -- head for the subway and offend a street gang for your transgression........


- chittychattykathy - 11-22-2000 02:45 AM

RAD, go to a thread and pull it down to "show all topics", then go to the very oldest one and work your way back up to when you joined in. This will give you a good starter read of Jerry Mead. (And you can see some great posts from familiar names.) Then go to your strongest search engine and type in Jerry Mead, & just see what you get!!! I did this myself last May (right?), as sadly he passed on before I had a chance to converse with him here on the board, and I wanted to feel a part of what made this board what it is. The "Curmy factor". Enjoy your journey! CCK

- Innkeeper - 11-22-2000 07:36 AM

On whom's hallowed ground ye dare to tread. Kathy's advice is excellent. Even if you just go back sixty days on this thread, you can learn why it was set up, and what people thought of this man.

- winoweenie - 11-22-2000 07:52 AM

OK Rad, now for the wrath of the weenier! Jerry Mead was not only a fine writer, champion of many lost causes, had one hell of a lust for life, was the Don Quijotie jousting at the Bureau of ATF, firing off letters to every gov`t employee, agency, or beaurocrat that had enuf Bazongers to publish a fax number, BUT he also was an extremely intelligent, caring, and giving man. `Haint met no-one , no-wheres` who met him that didn`t feel empowered by the meeting. " The Curmudgeon was his name, And Wine was his game " You`da liked Curmy. WW

- RAD - 11-22-2000 08:18 PM

Many thanks, all--I will go indoctrinate myself henceforth.