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- Bucko - 03-18-2000 11:24 AM

Jerry Mead has been in Carson Tahoe Hospital fighting for his life the past several days. On top of a recurrent illness, he developed severe pneumonia. The doctors told Sandra more than a week ago that he would not last 48 hours. Well, the old buzzard proved hard to kill, because he fooled them. The pneumonia has stabilized.

Then to add insult to injury, his heart failure significantly worsened. He underwent testing which shows his artificial valve to be leaking. They thought that they may have to do surgery, with dismal prospects. They tried a medicine called an ACE inhibitor to see if it would help the heart failure -- it worked! Now the docs are not talking about how long he has left to live, rather when he can go home, saying he will look back at this in six months and realize just how sick he was.

Sandra says he has been very depressed over all of the health problems, understandibly so. I think that if all of "Jerry's Kids" will send him a get well card, it will help him get back on track, doing what he does best, bitching about government B.S. I know it will be appreciated. Thanks,

Jerry Mead
P.O. Box 1598
Carson City, NV 89702


P.S. Sandra says no flowers please......

- Thomas - 03-18-2000 03:07 PM

Flowers! I wouldn't dream of it. Perhaps a large snifter....

Thanks for the update, Bucko. Will send him a note right away.

- mrdutton - 03-18-2000 08:43 PM

Knew something was up, because I haven't gotten his column in a while..........

Found a real nice card and it is on its way. And then what do you know, we found this card with a bunch of dark, deep purple grapes as the predominate decoration. Had to send that one also.

Found the cards at

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- EPICURUS - 03-21-2000 02:10 AM

So this buzzard is really a cat. But hasn't he already reached his nine life quota? I guess not. Maybe St. Peter saw Curmie getting ready to approach the great vineyard in the sky and decided he didn't want any harangues for awhile longer. And Satan didn't need any more heat...

Bucko, what about some of Jerry's kids getting together, online probably, and figuring out the best forum for creating the Jerry Mead Award, with JM himself receiving the first statuette. The are many precedents for this. One particular example comes to mind. Last fall, The National Building Museum in Washington announced a new award to honor the people who encourage us to think about urban design through scholarship and criticism. The award is named for its first winner, Vincent Scully. The renowned architectural historian has taught at Yale University for over 50 years.

Now Mr. Mead would be the first one to guffaw about any comparisons to the erudite Prof. Scully, but there is a parallel. No other person in the wine industry has forced us to think about the world of wine through journalistic criticism and such related activities as international wine competitions. Like Mr. Scully in the area of the built environment, Mr. Mead has been a singular advocate for advancing the cause of wine consumer choice and sensible regulation. The annual Jerry Mead Prize would be given to an individual who has made a major contribution to making wine a larger part of the American diet. The Gallos, Mondavis, etc. get tons of awards. While JM is in recovery some sort of recognition should be bestowed on this crusty but lovable old coot who has done so much over the last three decades for the everyday wine drinker.

Perhaps, Jerry would prefer to have the prize named after his mentor Leon Adams, but Jerry should still be the first recipient. The Spectator has its Grand Award, and even the Lodi vintners association has an award for integrity (Patrick Campbell was the first recipient, and they just gave out the second award, so we probably shouldn't wait for the third annual).

Jerry has probably bummed out a lot of people with his warm and fuzzy manner, but no matter. The politics may prevent entities like the new Napa Center Wine, Food and Art from being the sponsoring organization, though I wouldn't rule them out. Maybe the Society of Wine Educators could create the prize (they next meet in San Jose in August). Or the Wine Institute or the American Vintners Association which, unfortunately for this purpose, is holding their annual banquet in Washington DC as I write this.

Anyway, some group of AOLers and regulars, together with the guys and gals who serve as judges in the NWIWC, could convene to move on this. Alot of people from the industry are assembling this weekend for the Rhone Rangers gathering.

What thinkest thou?

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