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- tomstevenson - 08-02-2000 01:26 PM

Is it just me or is everyone experiencing lights on for every category?

- Bucko - 08-02-2000 01:51 PM

No problem here.


- tomstevenson - 08-02-2000 02:25 PM

Weird! I've disconnected and reconnected and all the lightbulbs are still on!


- Jackie - 08-02-2000 03:03 PM

Hi Tom,

For some reason your browser thinks that all forums have new postings since your last visit and, therefore, is turning on all the lights. This is a cookie function. I have had this happen to me a few times but it quickly disappeared before I could diagnose the problem.

At the moment my browser/lightbulbs are working fine. I'll keep an eye out and see if I can get my browser to do what yours is doing. I'm thinking it may have to do with going "back" via the links or the browser "back" button. The cookie may be resetting itself in the process of navigating backwards. I don't have a good explanation (yet) but will try to find one.

Glad you are visiting, Tom. I know how highly Jerry Mead thought of you. Hope you're enjoying it, despite lightbulbs.


- winoweenie - 08-02-2000 06:12 PM

Jackie, I`ve been on 3 times today and the lites have performed as programmed. Winoweenie

- Drew - 08-02-2000 06:48 PM

No problem here either.


- tomstevenson - 08-03-2000 02:13 AM

Hi Jackie

Following your mention of cookies, I deleted them, then reset. Now the lights are behaving correctly. Thank you.

I met Jerry only once, at this year's NWIWC, a year after he dragooned me into Jerry's Kids (seemed to me that it was an honour to be one, not that you had any choice in the matter!). The obstacles I had to surmount to get to that competition included a snowstorm in New York cancelling flights for almost two days; fogged in at Traverse City; a drive to Detroit to avoid being fogged in a second day; sitting on the tarmac for 3 hours while one of the plane's engines was repaired, thus missing another rerouting connection ..... The number of times I thought to myself "Right, if they don't do this or that, I'm turning around and going home" except that for every obstacle a solution was found. I even made the airport authorities do the one thing they never do: locate my luggage after several reroutings so that I could physically see it correctly labelled before I flew across continental America. Something or someone was determined that I meet Jerry a few weeks before he died and the crazy thing is I hardly knew him, yet I still miss him. The 2002 edition of my fizz guide due out this October is dedicated to Jerry.


- winoweenie - 08-03-2000 10:20 AM

Tom, Anyone who ever met Curmy misses him. Winoweenie

- tomstevenson - 08-03-2000 11:02 AM

Somebody just turned all the lights on again! Don't worry, I'm going to ignore it from now on.

- tomstevenson - 08-03-2000 11:07 AM

They've gone off again! Can you believe it? I'm not on the sauce boys .... actually they came on after I reset both my profile and preferences because the system refused the above message due to "incorrect password (I got a new password after deleting my cookies). Everyone else except Jackie should ignore my ravings.

PS. I'm going to update my virus database and leave it on overnight to check ALL FILES (rather than just programs).

- Bucko - 08-03-2000 06:54 PM

Tom, will you share some of that stuff that you are smoking? [img][/img]


- tomstevenson - 08-04-2000 01:51 AM

You're supposed to smoke it? I've been fermenting it, distilling it, then keeping it in the freezer next to the vodka. Did I do something wrong?

- Jackie - 08-04-2000 12:56 PM


I'm glad you got to meet Jerry. Such strong opinions and yet such a kind soul. He gave his full support to people he felt were sincere "straight shooters" and hated pretense and snobbery. He loved to engage people and get them thinking. He was fearless in tackling controversial issues and loved to be the "Wine Curmudgeon".

He was a treasure and we all miss him very much. Sometimes when I will read a thread on this board I wonder what Jerry might have said. So I'll do a "search" for some keyword and limit it to Jerry's board name "Curmudgeon", just so I can read comments that he posted over the last years on various subjects. It's sometimes very interesting.

As for your lightbulbs, if they all go out at the same time that means the cookie has updated its timestamp and is comparing the time of all new postings to the time it has set for your "last" visit. If no new postings are present, the lights go out. The question is, why is the cookie resetting itself every few minutes? I still think this has to do with the "back" functions. Cookie thinks you are starting a new visit on the top page, when actually you are only clicking back and forth between the top page and the forums/threads. Does this sound right?

If so, try using the back button of the browser exclusively to navigate backwards and see if the problem still continues.

If it goes away, then the problem lies with other methods of going "back" which are embedded in the software (and can be fixed) -- like the links at the top of each forum page. I haven't got this pinpointed yet.


- winoweenie - 08-04-2000 12:58 PM

Bucko, I had a problem just like Tom`s several years ago. Found out the tea Leaves my daughter was sending me from Oahu was slighly spiked with some leaves from a native plant they called Sensimilion. Haven`t had any since but the lights sure did do the Aurora Tango when I had a cup or ten Winoweenie

- tomstevenson - 08-04-2000 01:51 PM

Hi Jackie

I think you're right about it having something to do with going back. At first I thought that was nuts because I've set my brower's preferences to refresh every time I go back, but I clicked on the URL in your notification email, then worked backward to the BOARD page ( and found all the lights on, yet when I opened up another browser and went to the same URL, only those categories that contained new postings were lit up. I deleted that browser and called up another one and, of course, no lights were one. So here I am, sitting at my computer, looking at two windows of the same Web page, one with all the lights on and one with all the lights off! I need a drink.


- Jackie - 08-04-2000 02:09 PM

So do I.


- winecollector - 08-04-2000 05:32 PM

Forget the drink, I'd like some of those tea leaves!