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- Tari Di Bello - 05-15-1999 10:46 AM

I would like information on this exclusive group of people for an article I am writing. What is the history of the group? What does membership entail? How many members are there? How many wana be's don't make the grade each year? Once you earn the title of Wine Master, can it be taken away? Do members take refresher courses or are they ever re-tested on their wine knowledge in order to retain their status as a Master of Wine? Why would anyone need or want all this wine knowledge in their head? Do you get paid for storage? Just kidding. Thanks for any information in advance. These people are pretty amazing, I've been searching for info with no luck - then remembered this great site!

- Jason - 05-15-1999 03:22 PM

A website for the MW society does exist but I cannot locate now. The gentleman who can answer these questions is Joeshmoe, a member of this board. He can be reached at He is a present candidate of the program. An idea for the article - what about comparing and contrasting the MW and the MS programs?

- Tari Di Bello - 05-15-1999 03:47 PM

Jason, Thanks so much for the info. What a great idea for an article! I am writing a quickie for a local area newspaper in Washington State. This just might turn into a mini-series thanks to your idea!

- Jerry D Mead - 05-18-1999 12:24 AM

Tari...Welcome aboard...we can use a few more members of that "other" gender around here and another voice from the Northwest would be nice, too.


- Tari Di Bello - 05-19-1999 09:10 AM

Thanks for the warm welcome and a happy belated B-day! What a great site you all have created. I am still trying to find more information on the Institute of Masters of Wine. They do have a web site, however, it is not in working order at this time. There are two members from Washington state, but they are very busy people and I'm running into deadline problems.Looking for answers to - What year did the Institute start and who was the founding member?

Hope you had a delicious Birthday!

- Tari Di Bello - 05-20-1999 12:20 PM

Just me again. Thanks to everyone who helped me out with the great information. The article is done on the MW group and I'm moving on to the MS group. THANK YOU