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- teresapolinski - 03-22-1999 07:01 PM

Recently acquired some Stony Hill Chardonnay. Can't find any information on the web about the vineyard or the wine. What do you know about this Vineyard?

- Bucko - 03-22-1999 10:05 PM

Northern Napa winery, hillside, fairly low yield, virtually all sold by mailing list, history of long ageability for a CA Chard. The winemaker likes Cuban cigars. More?

- Woodman - 03-22-1999 11:27 PM

I can tell you that if the chardonnay isn't at LEAST 7 or 8 years old, you shouldn't even think about drinking it........Bucko?

- Bucko - 03-23-1999 12:47 AM

The 1990 is drinking well right now - and it is one of the more forward ones!