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- R D'Orville - 11-17-1999 11:35 PM

I am trying to decide on whether to buy a wine storage unit with temperatue control and humidity control or one with only temperature control. I live in a medium-high humidity southeast Asian city. Help!

- Randy Caparoso - 11-19-1999 07:33 PM

ALWAYS better to get humidity control on top of temperature.

- Bucko - 11-19-1999 09:46 PM

Interesting. I have seen some wine professionals get apoplectic over the humidity issue. They claim that as long as the cork is in contact with the wine, that humidity is a minor issue. Temperature is their number one concern. I have seen this issue debated many times on various wine boards and I am no clearer on the issue now than I was years ago. ???????????


- Thomas - 11-20-1999 09:53 AM

Yeah, Bucko. I have the same feeling.

It seems the humidity question is for the cork--make sure it doesn't dry out. I can't imagine humidity seeping into the bottle through the glass and ruining the wine.

On the other hand, temperature fluctuations are bad because of how oxygen functions as it is cooled, warmed, cooled and warmed again.

You need to control both; which is more important? Depends upon how poorly you control either.

- R D'Orville - 11-21-1999 11:06 PM

Hey, thanks guys for the assist. Just to let you know that I'm going for the temp-control unit without humidity control. I decided that as long as the cork is wet, outside humidity plays too small a role. Gratsi again!