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- C205 - 02-15-1999 08:49 PM

Looking for on-line service to purchase wine which has been scored using same or similar method as Wine Spectator's system.

- Bucko - 02-15-1999 09:55 PM

I don't know any such service. There are plenty of companies who sell wine and tout various rating numbers, but it is better to try a wine and buy what you like. I realize this is not always possible.


- Jerry D Mead - 02-15-1999 10:18 PM

The only one I know of that purports to sell wine based on scores is that Wine Enthusiast sponsored operation, but it appears to be a scam of sorts, with everything getting 90s and often for private label stuff that can't be bought anywhere else.

There is the Gold Medal Wine Club which specializes is selecting medal-winning wines from major competitions to use as its monthly selections (800) 266-8888).

And maybe the best option is to buy wines that have received scores from reasonably reliable sources (my own newsletter, Mead On Wine, for example...The Spectator, Parker, Connoisseurs' Guide, California Grapevine...or whatever)...and buy them from regular wine merchants who are willing to ship.

This only works if you live somewhere other than some redneck felony state like Kentucky, Florida, Georgia, Indiana...etc. Because if you live in one of those places, no one will do business with you.