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- Bonnie - 03-20-1999 11:45 AM

I have some questions about some different wines and am not sure where to put ths post or if I am doing it right. So let me if I should do something different.
Question 1: I have a Cahrdonnay that it not through malo/lactic fermentation. I have done 2 chromotography tests on it and to date it has a spot of malic and of lactic. I have had constant heat on it (72 derees) for the past two weeks;before that it was at about 60. The ph is 3.4 and the TA is.563. My question is can I leave like this? If so, how do I bottle it so I don't have to worry about it going through m/l in the bottle. The other thing is I getting concerned about oxidation and don't like it being this warm. I haven't checked the so2 levels, but I'm sure they are low. Any thoughts are appreciated.
Question 2:
Does a protein haze cause any other kind of problems with wine other to make it cloudy?
Question 3:
Does anyone know anything about lactic bacteria? How can you test for it? How do you know if something has lactic bacteria or is just going through m/l?

- Jerry D Mead - 03-21-1999 01:39 AM

Your questions would be more appropriate in the HOME WINEMAKING SECTION.


- Dick Peterson - 03-23-1999 03:27 PM

I'm having trouble getting my replies accepted by the system. I sent replies to your questions yesterday and again today but I don't see them entered. I'll try again tomorrow if I still don't see them.

- Dick Peterson - 03-23-1999 03:37 PM

OK that message got through. I'll rush this one and maybe you'll get it. I would worry about keeping your Chardonnay at 72 degrees without knowing that you have at least 15 or 20 ppm SO2. Your acidity is low and the pH a little high so the wine won't keep well at all if the temperature is elevated.

You have ML in progress since you have both Malic and Lactic present. But these MLs can stop in the middle and then other organisms take over and spoil the wine. As long as bubbles are forming and rising to the top, your ML is continuing OK. When they stop, check the Chromatography again to see whether the Malic spot has disappeared. If it has, then Immediately add SO2 to get the free up to 35ppm if you're going to age the wine in barrels (20 if you're going to bottle immediately). And get the temperature back down to the 50 degree range as soon as the Malic is gone. For flavor and keeping ability you'll want to add Tartaric acid to get the pH down to the 3.2 range (3.4 or 3.5 will make the wine taste fat and flabby). The wine will taste crisper at lower pH.

Protein doesn't cause any problem except the unsightly haze, cloud or sediment.

Lactic bacteria are always present and they will spoil the wine any time the temperature is warm and the SO2 is low and air is present. Keep the wine in full containers, keep it cool and keep the SO2 above 15ppm at all times. Barrel it at 35ppm and bottle it at about 25. Hope this is helpful.