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- JimK - 07-17-2003 12:44 PM

I have about 100 cases of interesting wines -- mostly Boardeaux and California, lots of Dehlinger, and good years. I've avoided drinking a LOT of good stuff. Now I want to sell most. How do I locate someone who could appraise my collection, and perhaps point me to a way to dispose of it? Obviously if it isn't an independent appraisal, I'd want several unrelated bidders. Help/advice sought. thanks!

- hotwine - 07-17-2003 02:32 PM

Welcome to the board.
There are ads in the backs of both Wine Spectator and Wine Enthusiast magazines for companies that specialize in helping people sell their wine collections. Most will probably ask for some guarantee of provenance - certificaton that the wine has been stored properly since purchase, dates and places of purchase, etc. Provenance is the big wild card in anyone's purchase of someone else's collection. Good luck.

- winoweenie - 07-25-2003 05:26 PM

Hi JomK and welcome to the board. I've been away so pardon me for the tardiness of my post. After reading it a second time it hit me that you really don't give a rats' patootie about the wonders and glory of wine but went into it as an investment. You mention LOTS of Dehlinger. I've had EVERY wine Tom has produced since the 76 vinage and have drank literally hunderds of cases by myself and with friends which has turned them into wine DRINKERS, not collecters. Open some bottles for your closest freinds, business associates, and neighborhood winos. Life will be fun.WW

- Glass_A_Day - 07-27-2003 10:34 AM

If you want to take your time and have fun selling your collection, go to Check what others are selling the same bottles for and start listing away. Now is a bad time due to high temps during shipping. I would start in the beginning of September. If you just want it all done at once then hotwines suggestion would be better. And... don't forget to drink some as WW suggested. Seems a shame to save for all those years only to let someone else reap the rewrds...