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- Jerry D Mead - 05-22-1999 04:46 AM

//The following was sent to STJ4994 via e-mail//

STJ---It is considered bad form to repost the same message in more than one folder. Most of our participants check the contents of all the folders and it is irritating to waste download time rereading the same message over and over.

Also, your boundless enthusiasm smacks of if you might have a personal interest in the products.

It's fine if you do, and you are still welcome to post, but if you have a proprietary interest you should state it and post your notes in the ADVERTISING & PROMOTIONS folder.

Once again, welcome to The Wine Board and we hope to hear from you again in the future.

Maybe next time you can describe the taste of some of the particular wines, the grape varieties from which they are made, tell us who the importer is and the price range at which the wines will sell at retail.

Jerry D. Mead
Wine Board Moderator

- winoweenie - 05-22-1999 11:16 AM

Good gosh curmy, don`t be so hard on a guy just trying yo make a honest(?) buck. I`ve had to deal with the Georgians all my life , for as you know the carpet industry is located just 75 miles no. of Atlanta. BPR.VB