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- n144mann - 02-20-1999 11:17 AM

Hey Bucko, see you are a fellow doc. I am not a doc, but married into a family full of them. One family practice, (grandpa) and two surgeons, and then my husband ( the rebel) who is not an MD but a PhD. He does cancer research. Glad to find this board, looks like a lot of fun!
If you ever make it to the Mayo Clinic,Look us up!


Hey can anyone figure out what my username stands for?? :-)

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- Bucko - 02-20-1999 11:44 AM

Never, never admit that you have a Surgeon in the family!! ;-)

Okay, I'll give it a shot - 144 equals a gross.

n144 - not gross? engrossing? Hey, I'm old and feeble of mind.......

Welcome to the boards.


- n144mann - 02-20-1999 02:27 PM

144=gross....pretty good. (I was amazed at how many people do not know that) actually just my name.....grossmann. Like your idea of engrossing.....have to remember that.

NO NO you have it all wrong.....never admit to chiropractors or lawyers :-) Am I going to get black balled for that one??? :-)

Thanks for the welcome!
(I really need to learn how to type!)
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