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- CJKingsley - 03-11-1999 04:03 AM

I would love to see all vintners add to their advertising: Because new research shows that critical brain wiring begins being laid down during the first month after fertilization, when a woman is not aware she is pregnant, we ask that, IF you are Trying to Get Pregnant, please do not drink any alcohol if there is a possibility that you have succeeded in fertilizing one of your eggs. Because Fetal Alcohol Brain Damage is Irreversible, and you and we want your baby to be healthy and have a chance for full cognitive development, Please, if you think you might be pregnant, do not drink any alcoholic beverage, including ours. We will welcome you back after you have finished nursing. Thank you for helping us be a better citizen by protecting the health of the little citizen you are trying to create.

PLEASE, at least give my request serious consideration. Thank You Kindly for your anticipated cooperation.

- Bucko - 03-11-1999 07:11 AM

While I am sure that your intentions are good, the medical literature does not support your stance. Only 10% of blatant alcoholics ever give birth to a FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome) child. There is no medical data to show that a woman who drinks in moderation throughout pregnancy does any harm to her fetus.

That said, I do not encourage a female patient to drink during her pregnancy. I do present the data to her and let her make up her own mind based on available data. Many choose not to drink, many do.

I find it humorous how we as Americans feel that we must tell adults what is good for them, taking away personal responsibility from the equation.......


- Jerry D Mead - 03-11-1999 07:29 AM

Every documented case of FAS is from a binge-drinking, alcoholic female, usually neglectful of diet and often using tobacco and other drugs. Moderate drinking has nothing to do with FAS.

If there was anything to moderate drinking being a danger to unborn fetus', then the world's geniuses would have all come from Muslim countries where alcohol is forbidden, and the Mediterranean basin (the real birthplace of civilation where women have always consumed wine)would have produced dwarfs and idiots instead of all the great artists, philosophers and physicians that it did. Someone should have told Pliny the Elder, Socrates (sp?) and DaVinci that their mama's shouldn't have drunk wine during pregnancy.

One study reported on in Lancet actually showed that children of moderately drinking mothers had fractionally higher (though admittedly not really significant)intelligence levels by the time they entered school.

The Wine Curmudgeon

- Jerry D Mead - 03-11-1999 07:30 AM

It's interesting to note in CJ Kingsley's profile, wine is NOT listed as one of his/her interests. No surprise there.


- n144mann - 03-11-1999 08:12 AM

Well, as a WOMAN who has given birth to 3 healthy, smart kids(all are in the very top of their classes [img][/img] ) who DID occasionally (once/twice a month) have a drink with my dinner while pregnant, I find your statement really offensive. I understand you mean well, but save your counseling for a pregnancy clinic who shares your views, or get together with a anti-alcohol group, but don't make general attacks on all drinkers for the sins of a few. Put your energy into educating instead of dictating....of course that is tougher because you need to educate YOURSELF first. Really, if you are going to argue this issue, make sure you know the facts.
A responsible wine drinking MOM

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- Thomas - 03-11-1999 08:37 AM

Kingsley, I believe you have heard the best arguments against what you request. Here is one more: my mother gave birth to twelve children. We are Italians. Need I say anymore, or should I tell you about our daily wine intake?
Oh, not one of us suffered from FAS.

- n144mann - 03-11-1999 09:23 AM

OOOPS new mouse

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