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- supervirgo - 08-10-1999 10:34 PM

Can anyone recommend a "sexy" wine? What would be a good wine for an evening of candles and kisses....exciting, but not to heavy on the after-taste??

If this makes any sense, or exists, please let me know.


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- Randy Caparoso - 08-11-1999 02:02 AM

Supervirgo, you mentioned Pinot Noir in another entry, which always gets my vote for world's sexiest wine. Now, I haven't been single for 23 years, but I've sure gotten myself nearly in trouble over the years serving Pinot Noir to women. I remember six years ago doing a five winemaker Pinot Noir tasting and dinner in my restaurant, and I actually saw women (married and single) throwing phone numbers around half way through the night. I'm not Dr. Ruth, but I think it's the silky, lacy texture, and perfumey spice, of the wine that does it. It's a wine that addresses itself to all the senses -- aromatic and tactile -- and is both dense and light at the same time.

By the way -- about 65 degrees Farenheit is around the perfect temperature. This means about 45 minutes in the fridge. And on a warm day, there's nothing wrong with an occasional ice cube to keep things chilled down. The heat should be in the eyes and other parts of the body, not in the glass!

- Tabby - 08-11-1999 01:02 PM

Well I have to confess that I'm drinking a "sexy" wine at this very moment!!

It's an "M" Pinot Noir Shiraz 1997, from the Montara Winery in Australia, and it is truly delicious: it's smooth, with a silky mouthfeel, and packed full of black cherries, plums and jammy blackcurrants. [img][/img] One of the best reds I've tasted so far this year. In fact it's so good I'm going to light a candle right now! [img][/img]

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- Jason - 08-11-1999 05:13 PM

Take that same idea and add bubbles. Rose Champagne does a body good.

- n144mann - 08-11-1999 08:32 PM

I don't know the "sexy" in the wine or the company??? I think any wine can be sixy if presented correctly

- supervirgo - 08-11-1999 11:16 PM

Thanks for the suggestions!

I see that Randy mentioned putting the wine in the fridge about 45 minutes before serving. Would it be considered a "faux paux" (if that's the correct spelling!), or damage the flavor and/or consistency of the wine to serve it cold?

Hey Jason, any recommendations on a Rose Champagne? I've never had one. What does it taste like, and how/when do you serve it?

Thanks All!

Supervirgo - The "very green" Wine Novice

- Randy Caparoso - 08-11-1999 11:18 PM

Of course, it's mostly the company, Nancy! (Tabby, I certainly hope you're not alone!) As with food, wine is a means, not an end.

Remember that book from the early '70s, "Sex and the Single Man?" (There was one for women, too, of course). As Jason cites, Champagne was the recommended sure-fire solution in those days. But it's the '90s now -- French Paradox and all -- and so I'm always thinking that Champagne is for the tub, and Pinot Noir for the table. So there's nothing like a red to get the blood going!

- Randy Caparoso - 08-11-1999 11:25 PM

By the way, SV, it definitely is not a faux pas to served Pinot Noir between 60 and 65 Farenheit. Lighter tannins make it far better at that temperature (heavier tannin reds like Cabernet Sauvignon and Bordeaux are better just a tad cool, just around 70 F). Take it from a pro!

- Randy Caparoso - 08-11-1999 11:27 PM

By the way, Tabby -- "Pinot Noir/Shiraz?" Only the Aussies, I guess.

- Jerry D Mead - 08-12-1999 02:13 AM

My most successful seduction wines over the years have been Sauternes at the end of a meal that has already included Champagne to begin...white wine with the fish or appetizer course...a really delicious red of any type with the meat course...and then throw a Suiduiraut (sp?) Climens or Yquem at them...AND THEY ARE YOURS. Sauternes is not only delicious, it has a sensuous texture and is absolute perfect when sipped from the navel of one's lover...other orfices not recommended as it can get a little sticky.

Port is also good because of its 18-20% alcohol.


- Jason - 08-12-1999 03:54 AM

All righty then......

- n144mann - 08-12-1999 07:46 AM

My gosh that does make for an interesting picture in ones mind....<grin>

Gotta go with you on the port tho....the smoother and richer the better!!

- Tabby - 08-12-1999 12:57 PM

Curmy, if you're in the habit of "throwing" Yquem at your beloved, then chances are they're gonna be pretty sticky before you even LOOK at their navel!!

Randy: If the combination of Pinot Noir/Shiraz = sexy wine, then who's grumbling? [img][/img] Bless Australia; they produce some stonkers!

- Thomas - 08-12-1999 06:17 PM

It has to be the company; I used to do ok with Mateuse and Masson.

- n144mann - 08-13-1999 12:53 PM

I am with foodie all the way on this has it hands down....champagne from silver cups in the pinot in front of the a nice spanish wine along side a hot is great, but it is the company that matters!! [img][/img]