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- valentina - 11-19-2000 09:15 PM

I would like to purchase a bottle of dom/80
vintage, would anyone know what it is worth and how I can find it in a hurry?

- Bucko - 11-19-2000 09:30 PM

1980 was not of vintage quality. Did Dom even produce a 1980?


- mrdutton - 11-19-2000 11:27 PM

Not sure, but let me tell you the 1988 was pretty darn good..... and I am not a great fan of Dom.

Of all the big houses in the region, I like the Perrier-Jouet Fleur De Champagne much more than the Dom.

- chittychattykathy - 11-20-2000 02:27 AM

Si on the 1980. I believe the recent Dom years are- 78, 80, 82, 83, 85, 90, 92. It helps that I was just there, so I've that unfair, fair advantage. Valentina, I doubt it's worth the $$$ you'll need to spend if you find it. If we're talking big houses, I too would go with the PJ Fleur De Champagne, anyday over the Dom!!!

- winoweenie - 11-20-2000 07:37 AM

Hi Val and welcome to the board. This wont give you an exact answer but an idea, the 78 Dom is around 250 and the 82 is around 300.winoweenie. Try Pops wine . They may have the bottle if this is a celebratory bottle you need.WW

- mrdutton - 11-20-2000 10:44 PM

CCK - Tried to get information from Moet et Chandon's web site, but they don't even mention the Dom there. [Does anyone know of a website for Dom?]

Interesting that some of the web-sites I did visit did not mention '88 as being a vintage year, either.

However, unless I have a pirated bottle, the label on my empty bottle of Dom reads:

Cuvee Dom Perignon Vintage 1988.

Plus there were TN's at the WS website for the 1988 Vintage. I guess it might be safe to add that year to the list as one of their vintage years.

- valentina - 11-21-2000 09:51 AM

Thanks to everyone for the info.....still can't find this bottle.....yes there is a site for dom...there are many sites none of which list the /80 vintage......
ps. it tasted pretty good to me!

- chittychattykathy - 11-21-2000 01:18 PM

Hmm... My original post vanished, anyhoo...
I am not surprised at all that there is a (few) vintage I missed, as they seem to make Dom quite often. But I am surprised to hear that there is no info about it at the Moet site, as the Dom-man himself is a large chunk of their tour when you visit Moet. I will email our host at Moet and get us some answers about vintages. (and about your 80' if it's not too late for you.)

- MTK56 - 11-30-2000 09:01 PM

Hello Valentino-
just read your post looking for 1980 Dom Perignon. I have two bottles, willing to sell one or both. Been stored in cellar since I bought them around 1984.
Please let me know if you are still interested.