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- Doug Holdsworth - 08-06-1999 07:51 AM

for reference purposes I would like to know general information on the best winery in the world, whatever it may be.

- Bucko - 08-06-1999 08:05 AM

That would be a purely subjective answer.


- Tabby - 08-06-1999 01:21 PM

That's a topic that would make for some great arguments! Best winery for "value for money" wines? St. Hallett in Australia is pretty unbeatable, I hear. Other than that, it's hard to answer.

- Thomas - 08-07-1999 07:31 AM

There is no such thing.

- Randy Caparoso - 08-07-1999 11:54 AM

Lot of fine, fine wineries out there. However, great wines are "made" in vineyards, over which Mother Nature presides. Unquestionably.

- Zinner - 08-08-1999 08:28 PM

Most likely people who are newbies to wine are confused by the magazines which like to pick "the top 100" or "winery of the year."
When you have more experience, you will know that there are many contenders for these lists and any such ranking is just that person(or group of people)giving an opinion.
It is more useful to think in terms of choosing a good wine(available to you at the moment) for the occassion or the best in terms of matching with the food...but realize this is highly debatable too because our palates and preferences differ.
Sorry that it seems there are no easy answers, but that is one of the things that makes wine so fascinating. There are so many possibilities. And it's such fun to explore.