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- chinita - 11-07-1999 01:54 AM

Has anyone ever dealt with V.Sattui Winery of Napa Valley, CA? How are their wines, prices, etc. What is your opinion on their Merlt's, Cabernet's, White Zinfindel, Johanisberg Rieslings(dry and off-dry), Gamay Rouge, Madeira's and what is their shelf life and proper storage. I am new to wine tasting and have heard that V.Sattui is not that bad and that they can ship to any state because they are only available in certain lications, is this true? Any help would be appreciated.

- Jerry D Mead - 11-07-1999 03:40 PM

V. Sattui's wines are generally quite good.

They cannot "legally" ship to every fact that can't to any more states than any other winery, and in fact a few (like Windsor) can ship to more states.

It isn't possible to evaluate wines without tasting them and I don't usually taste Sattui because they are not available at retail. Someone said something nice about their Madeira recently and their Cabs and Zins often win medals.

- Jerry D Mead - 11-07-1999 03:43 PM

I note you are from New Jersey...sorry, yours' is one of those states where the wholesale monopoly has paid off the legislature to ban interstate shipments. You won't find many wineries or retailers in other states willing to ship to you.

You might try some of the new "4th Tier" marketers like Geerlings & Wade and seem to be able to ship more places.