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- wrrnbfft - 03-14-1999 09:44 AM


Just wasted some sweet dollars on this one. Folks, can sombody help us with slightly sweet red wine which is NOT a port or otherwise fortified, is NOT fruitish and wine-coolerish, which will not leave my wallet dry -- is that too much to ask from a red wine?


- Jason - 03-14-1999 12:25 PM

Warren - try a rich full blown Zinfandel like Alexander Valley Vineyards Sin Zin. Should be about $13 retail. Sweet red is a tough one because this is almost contadictory
in fine wine. The high alcohol power zins are close though because of rich jammy flavors and low tannins with sweet fruit.
Warren from Omaha? Sounds familiar for some reason. You don't by chance drink a lot of Coke and shave with a Gillette razor do you?

- wrrnbfft - 03-14-1999 01:13 PM


Thanks and the recommendation is noted. I also read on this board that Riunite Lambrusco would be a good label. Agreed that red wine and sweetness are conradictory for good wines; we are still going by the recommendations that red wine are better for good health (as compared to the white).

Here's to good health!


(Yes i drink a lot of coke and shave with Mach 3. These days I have started collecting a lot of silver too! 8- [img][/img]

- Jerry D Mead - 03-14-1999 04:41 PM

Re drinking red wine for health. Most studies do seem to indicate there might be more benefit to red than white, but moderate white wine drinkers also enjoy reduced chance of heart disease and lowered overall mortality. So better to drink the white if you enjoy it more...keep trying red from time to can be an aquired avocados or Scotch whisky.

Also red wines (like the Mondavi which you hated) are not really intended for casual consumption or as a cocktail substitute. There's a much better chance you will find it palatable in the company of a piece of red meat.


- Karena Shannon - 03-15-1999 02:00 AM

If you're from the MidWest, you might be able to find a Ridge Zinfandel named, "Heart's Desire". It's bottled with a bit of residual sugar---around 2%---so it's not as sticky-sweet as a Port, but not bone-dry. Zinfandels marketed as "Late Harvest" might also be what you are looking for.