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- +adam++ - 05-21-2002 07:59 AM

I am very (read as VERY [img][/img] ) new to wines and all about them.
I have no collection or ANY former real experiance with wines, but i would very much like to learn.
I was wondering if there is any site or page on this site that someone can point me to where i can learn more about this subject?
thank you

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- Innkeeper - 05-21-2002 08:28 AM

Hi Adam, and welcome to the Wine Board. You can use this site to learn a lot. This tread, For The Novice, is visited by both inexperianced and experianced wine drinkers, who want to learn more. Food and Wine Affinities has excellent information of matching wine with food and vice versa. There are treads on all the popular wines and regions throughout the world. There are treads for unusual wines, bargain wines, the best wine shops and much more.

There are also many excellent primer books on the market. Wine For Dummies is one of the best, written by two very knowledgeable wine experts in very simple terms. Maybe it's my age, but I still read much more easily out of a book, than off a computer screen.