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- Kelly Davis - 09-09-1999 12:26 PM

I want to purchase a nice bottle of champagne for the upcoming New Year celebration. I know nothing about the finer wines and would appreciate some feedback. I wish to spend $50-$100 a bottle. What would you recommend in that range?

- Randy Caparoso - 09-09-1999 04:24 PM

Check out the "New Year's Fizz" thread on the Champagne page before it disappears. Lots of interesting recommendations. For that money, you have a wide range of really, really good vintaged French Champagne to choose from; as well as some of the top of the line California brands (re Domaine Carneros "La Reve," Roederer "L'Ermitage," etc.). Also, if there is a specialty wine store in your area, chances are there are some knowledgeable people there to make some honest recommendations. Never hurts to ask!

- Tabby - 09-10-1999 12:03 PM

Kelly, if you should end up buying a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label, we must compare notes in the New Year!

- Kelly Davis - 09-10-1999 12:12 PM

Randy, thanks for the tip. I checked out the thread and it offered me a lot of great suggestions. I am thinking about picking up two or three of the brands suggested and just going for it. I will let you know the results. Thanks again.

- Randy Caparoso - 09-10-1999 10:57 PM


- Doug Holdsworth - 09-11-1999 09:24 AM

Kelly, I'm in no way as knowledgable as Randy. Isn't he great! But one thing I do know is that now is the time to buy. Champagne prices are skyrocketing due to the new year's approach. You said you want to spend $50-$100. That price range would have gotten you a whole lot more 6 months ago. Also, you have to consider where you shop. For example, the restaurant in where I work sells Cordon Rouge for $78 a bottle, where as you can get it at a good grocery store for around $35. So shop carefully. Good luck.

- n144mann - 09-11-1999 06:20 PM

Hey Randy, as founder and president of your fan club, can I collect membership fees and print a club newsletter including autographed photos ?? Of course, you would have to let me organize the photo shoot, and let me choose the photo....But,you trust me right??? [img][/img]

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- Athought - 09-15-1999 03:05 AM

I would strongly suggest that if you are looking for a premium bottle of champagne, then you look soon. This upcoming period is known in the industry as OND (October, November, December). It is not known this because somewhere there exists JFM or AMJ. It is known as the #1 period for liquor sales. As a buyer for a retail chain drug store, I can tell you our sales increase in this time period dramatically. Already I have experienced wines that are on allocation, which basically means that unless I am one of the premium accounts for them, I am not going to find any available. Of these wines, the first thing I have seen become allocated is the high end champagnes.

I don't mention the name of the chain I work for, because I am not trying to suggest this to increase my sales. I am only suggesting it because I have enjoyed reading the posts here, and thought I would share a little heads up.

Just Athought

- Kelly Davis - 09-15-1999 09:20 AM

I appreciate the imput. I intend to make my purchases this week as I don't want to be left "high & dry" on New Years Eve.