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- Tipton - 10-08-1999 12:43 AM

My husband collected some bottles of wine and has been keeping them for years. He recently passed away and I still have them. How do I know if I have something drinkable, collectable or a salad dressing? Is there a book or web site I can find out information of this nature? Or might one of you know? One is a bottle of 1968 BV (Beaulieu Vineyard) estate bottled Caberbet Sauvignon. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

- Jerry D Mead - 10-08-1999 02:47 AM

There's a chance that BV Cabernet is still good, if it has had especially good (constant cool temperature) storage.

Thirty years is a long time as far as life expectancy goes for most California reds. If there aren't too many of them, list a few more and we'll try to make some educated guesses.

Your BV is not going to get any matter plan to open it with friends soon...but have a back-up bottle of something current so you won't go thirsty if it is over the hill.