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- 223 - 05-16-1999 06:09 PM

does anybody know were I can get piesport michelsberg spatlese white wine in cases at a good price if not Ill even go for the piesport michelsgerg , or even a california wine that taste about the same

- Randy Caparoso - 05-20-1999 07:16 PM

You really do not have to go far. Just go down to one of your nearby specialty wine stores and ask for a Spatlese (usually medium sweet) type of wine from Germany's Moselle River. The wine you're asking about comes from the region around the Moselle town of Piesport. Even better than the Michelsberg would be a Piesporter Goldtropfchen Spatlese; the Goldtropfchen being a superior vineyard sub-region, and retailing for $15 to $25.

All the best Moselles such as the Piesporters are made from the Riesling grape, which is bottled either as White Riesling or Johannisberg Riesling in California and Washington St. Therefore, you can't go too wrong by getting a similar type wine made by brands such as Jekel, J. Lohr, and Chateau Ste. Michelle. The usual style is off-dry to medium sweet, and very floral and fruity in fragrance. Retail prices are almost always below $15.