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- lizardbrains - 11-30-2001 11:42 AM

Please forgive me - it's the end of the month, so not much free money around - I bought a bottle of Corbett Canyon White Zin for $3.99! It tastes as you would expect: thin, mild, like water. I wouldn't even call this "wine".

Well, as I'm trying to put this into my wine notes, I'm looking for a vintage on there. I cannot find it anywhere! Nor does it say that it's blended, or anything along the line of not having a vintage. Am I missing something? How can I find the vintage?

- Innkeeper - 11-30-2001 01:09 PM

If there is no vintage on the bottle anywhere, it is a non-vintage wine. Some non-vintage wines, particularly Champagne, are just fine. Your assessement of the one you bought is right on though. For several good recommendations on white zinfandel, go down to the pink thread, where we have had a rare flurry of activity lately.

- winoweenie - 12-01-2001 01:41 PM

Most white zins don't carry a vintage date as they're produced to be drunk next Tuesday. WW

- winedope - 12-01-2001 08:34 PM

Oh, gee, and I was going to save mine for 2 weeks from Saturday!! WD