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- texlady - 09-15-2004 03:16 PM

Hello from Texas. I don't know how many bottles of white zin, blush, white merlot and others I have purchased in an effort to find a wine I could enjoy. However, I had to pour out most of them because, to my taste, they were so dry it was akin to sucking on a lemon wedge. I heard a wine expert (Darryl Beeson) from the Dallas area on an NPR program recently and learned there is such a thing as "sweet" wine and I should be trying rieslings or muscat canelli. Then I was lucky enough to find and the wine board. I am learning so much and all of you are so nice about sharing your knowledge. Does anyone have thoughts about Texas wines? Armed with my new found information, I purchased a muscat canelli from Llano Estacado vineyards which was just wonderful. Messina Hof winery has some nice sounding wines: "Angel", a late harvest Johannisberg Riesling and "Glory", a late harvest muscat canelli. Has anyone tried them? Also, based on recommendations from this board, I purchased the Schmitt-Schne riesling from Germany....great! I've found the wines I can enjoy. I'm so glad I found you guys. Thanks!

- dananne - 09-15-2004 04:16 PM

Welcome to the board. Visit often!

Glad you were able to find some stuff you enjoy. Don't know much about Texas wines, but perhaps one of our regulars from Texas will chime in once he returns from vacation in England.

- Zinner - 09-17-2004 12:32 AM


It's been awhile since I tasted Texas wines, but I've heard good things about Becker Vineyards out of Fredericksburg, so you might want to see if they have something to your taste.

Really, I'd encourage sweet wine lovers anywhere to investigate the local stuff. Most states have some wineries and outside of the main wine producing areas of California, Washington and Oregon, those wineries will likely have some sweeter wines because American tastes tend to run to sweet.

There's a whole world of German Riesling to explore...just be sure to avoid the bottles that designate "trocken" or "halbtrocken" on the label because those are vinified dry.

You might also like Moscato d'Asti if you're in the mood for something a little fizzy. And many Chenin Blancs(Vouvray on the label, if it's French) have some sweetness.

Quady makes some very nice dessert-style wines called Electra(orange muscat) and Elysium(black muscat).

- hotwine - 09-26-2004 03:35 PM

Becker Vineyards out of Fredericksburg is indeed the best Texas producer I've found so far. Haven't tried them all by any means (there are now over 50 wineries in the state), but of the dozen or so I have tried, Richard and Bunny Beckers' products lead the pack.

The annual Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival was held in Austin about a month ago. That would be a good venue for sampling a wide variety of Texas wines; watch your local newspapers' food & wine sections mid-summer next year for ads.