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- accindy - 09-23-1999 12:12 PM

I was wondering if anyone could tell me who
first bottled white zinfandel and where?
Or- if anyone knows how I can go about finding out.
Also, is a gerwurstaminer(SP?) a kind of grape or what? It's my boyfriends favorite and I've never heard of it before.
Thanks in advance!

- Tabby - 09-23-1999 01:10 PM

In answer to the Gewurztraminer part of your question, Cindy, yes, Gewurz is a grape, and one that so happens to be my favourite too! I find that Alsace is an excellent region for wines of this variety, although Chile do an excellent one in the form of the Casablanca Gewurz from the Santa Isabel Estate...their 1998 is delicious: a honey & rose petal nose, with toast & lychee on the palate! Sublime. It's that lychee flavour that gets me every time... I recommend 1997 as the best year in quite some time for Alsace...