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- Stan Bridgeford - 03-13-1999 10:33 AM

I am looking for a slight to sweet tasting red wine, if you could suggest a few that I might try. I live in Oklahoma so I might not have a great choice.
Thanks in advance

- Jerry D Mead - 03-13-1999 03:38 PM

Port wines have some sweetness (also higher alcohol because they have brandy added)...suggest you try Ficklin.

A lower alcohol beverage wine with sweetness is Lambrusco from Italy. Riunite is a national brand that you can surely find in Oklahoma.

It will be interesting to see what other participant on this board will come up with.


- Deb C - 03-13-1999 08:19 PM

You might like Ernest & Julio Gallo's "Cafe Zinfandel", a sweetish red wine with a nice combination of fruit and almost a cinnamony undertone, very guzzle-able when cold. I do like Riunite Lambrusco too, cold. It's almost like a wine cooler though.

- Jason - 03-14-1999 01:04 AM

Banyuls is another fortified (lightly) option and Brachetto is a sweet sparkling red.