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- Aquarius - 01-07-2000 06:02 AM

Is there a wine which could be described as "Arcian red", or come from somewhere that could be called "Arcium"?

I'm quite happy to try and find out myself, but I'm a bit lost as to where to look; the word "arcian" doesn't show up in any of the online wine databases I've managed to find, so I thought I'd consult the experts [img][/img]

Note that I'm not saying that there definitely is a wine that could be called this and I just want more details; I don't even know whether anything that could attract the description exists at all.

Thanks for any help...

- tomstevenson - 01-08-2000 06:56 AM

Arcium is a mystical kingdom ruled by King Dregos in [I]The Hidden City[I]. Author David Eddings probably took it from the ancient name for Riccione in Italy. If you have any recollection of the book, the likelihood is that Arcium Red was part of this fantasy world, although I cannot be sure because the book belongs to a nephew and I've only flicked through it a couple of times.

- Aquarius - 01-09-2000 05:56 AM


I know about Arcian red in the David Eddings books, that's where I got the name from :-)

I was wondering if there were any *real* wines that would attract the name, so I could procure a bottle from somewhere.

- tomstevenson - 01-10-2000 07:03 AM

Not unless you have something own-labelled to your own specification. To make it authentic you would have to seek out a producer of Sangivese di Romagna or Cagnina di Romagna, both of which are produced in a large area that encompasses Riccione.