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- Bogercity - 01-25-1999 03:14 PM

Had a great Red Bordeaux last night but cannot find any info on ordering.

Chateau Beychevelle Grand Vin 1975 Red Bordeaux from Saint Julien.

Any help or suggestions on how to find this excellent wine.

- Bucko - 01-25-1999 11:21 PM

This may be a tough find. Your best bet would be through a wine auction e.g. Butterfield and Butterfield, or the Chicago Wine Auction. Better yet, check out to see if you can find your bottle there on the internet auction. Good luck,


- Jerry D Mead - 01-26-1999 01:32 AM

Boger...Where do you live? There are a handful of specialty wine merchants which stock collectable wines and might have something like a 20 year old Bordeaux in its cellars. Plan on spending some money.

There's a book called Wine Price File, which you might find at the library, book store or some fancy wine should give you an idea of what a 75 Beychevelle might be going for these days.


- WA Wino - 01-26-1999 03:08 PM

It's been selling for $35-50 over the last few years.