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- ryome - 11-24-2005 05:18 PM

I understand the how wine gets its color and the fermentation process, but why is rose' acceptable as good wine (and from a good maker it can be very good), while white zinfandel is typically lacking in quality? Many wineries in California produce a very good red zinfandel- but how does one go from something so good to this pinkish fruity drink. Would a blanc de zinfandel rose' be better? And why? I understand that the skins in rose' are kept for 2 or 3 days- how long do they remain in a white zin? Please help me make sense of this.

- Innkeeper - 11-24-2005 06:05 PM

Hi Ryome, and welcome to the Wine Board. White Zin is a Rose'. It differs from others in that it is usually sweet while most Roses'are dry. You are right about the contact with skins determining how dark the wine will be.

- ryome - 11-25-2005 12:18 AM

Is there much of a difference in barrel time? I've had off-dry rose' that was much better quality than your average white zin.

- Innkeeper - 11-25-2005 07:53 AM

Neither usually spends much time if any in a barrel.

- Thomas - 11-26-2005 08:46 AM


Without beating around the bush, most White Zinfandel is produced to appeal to the sweet, sometimes fizzy taste of the general American consumer. Whereas, in Europe, Rose wines are generally for the same consumers as any other white or red wine would be.

In other words, Rose in Europe is not a target marketed product.