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- Aimee1 - 10-04-2000 04:33 PM

I am wondering if anyone would be able to reccomend what they feel is the best wine you can order with French Cuisine.

I am planning a very large party and would like to find a good list of wines to buy. And I am very uneducated in this area.


- Bucko - 10-04-2000 04:38 PM

There are a host of French cuisines and a host of French wines. You need to be more specific, please.


- Aimee1 - 10-04-2000 05:20 PM

Like I said I am uneducated in the area of wines. And I have only tasted those that were provided to me and have never paid attention to the types.

I am looking for a great wine to go with French Cuisine...of course the menu is a vast one so I will probably buy severel different types of wine. I am not just having one dish, it will most likely pertain of at least five different main courses etc.
If it is not possible to just pick one out of the the sky like that they I suppose I will just have to call some place to select them for me.
But if you can suggest anything it would be appreciated.

- Bucko - 10-04-2000 05:59 PM

Wine education has nothing to do with the question that I posed..... French cuisine can range from delicate cream sauces all the way to burly Provencial cuisine. Without knowing the food dishes, it is impossible for anyone to give you reasonable advice.


- mrdutton - 10-04-2000 06:20 PM

You've got to give us your menu so we can help you!

And guess what? If you call your local wine dealer, he'll/she'll tell you the same thing. He'll/she'll need to know your menu in order to suggest the proper wine/wines.

- Jackie - 10-04-2000 07:51 PM

Hello Aimee1,

This posting belongs in the Novices folder. I will move it there now.

If you are posting your menu, so our experts can give you some advice, please go to the Novices folder and find the topic there.... Then reply.