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- winepoppi - 12-01-2000 12:07 PM

Foodie, would you please list the address of the store? I'm an hour away and am in the city to see my kids that both work and live in the big apple. Allen

- mrdutton - 12-01-2000 07:43 PM

I am 6 hours away, one-way, and would also like the address.

Understand you open on December 8th. About time, eh! Congratulations!

- Catch 22 - 12-02-2000 07:41 AM

foodie, I'll be in Manhattan this weekend and I was hoping that you would be able to open by then. Bummer that you won't be open until next week.

- winoweenie - 12-02-2000 08:07 AM

My Best Wishes for A VERY SUCCESSFUL VENTURE.Would love to be there but you know the old saw, " due to circumstances". In Vino Veritas Est. winoweenie

- Bucko - 12-02-2000 09:14 AM

Directions: Take the subway to Skid Row, jump off, go to the Maytag Box (third one to the right over the steam vent), and rap on the side flap. [img][/img]

Seriously, I'll second WW's best wishes.


- Drew - 12-02-2000 10:18 AM've got the boxes mixed up, the third one to the right over the steam vent is Rad's....Foodie's the forth next to the Restaurants dumpster. You know Foodie, we'll all green, [img][/img], with envy and I truly wish you great fun and success with your adventure.


- mrdutton - 12-02-2000 10:37 AM

But what is the address?

- Thomas - 12-02-2000 01:35 PM

Thanks all.

If I manage by some quirk of fate to actually make that Dec 8 date, you will find us at 225 East 5th Street--between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. Bucko wasn't too far off, 3rd Avenue at that point is still called Bowery, and that was once the place for skidding--but not any longer, which is why we opened the shop in that neighborhood.

As for what to expect: we are concentrating on approachable wines ranging from $8 to $12 a bottle. Because it is December, and we are opening during the craziest time of year, I will have no time to dig deeper for our wine purchases--January will give me that luxury (CCK likely knows what I mean). There will, however, be a fine array of New York wines available.

In 2001 we will be locating products throughout Europe and the U.S. that have limited or no distribution in NYCity; then, we shall truly put our plan into action.

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- mrdutton - 12-02-2000 02:42 PM

You are right around the corner (just about) from THE TASTING ROOM! And within walking distance of PETE'S TAVERN and THE GRAMERCY PARK HOTEL.

Knowing all this further reduces any excuse I might have for not visiting!

- Thomas - 12-02-2000 03:34 PM

Yeah, Dutton, I believe I was the guy who recommended the Gramercy Park to you. Nice place.

- mrdutton - 12-02-2000 04:48 PM

Yes, you did. Yes, it is! We loved the suite, it looked right down on-top of Gramercy Park.

Too bad the suite did not include a key to the gate; but then we didn't ask...........

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- Innkeeper - 12-12-2000 05:06 PM

Hopefully today was the big day. If so, a very hearty congratulations is in order.

- mrdutton - 12-12-2000 09:12 PM

Just because we can't get an Electoral College filled with all of requisite members does not mean we should not, also, get a new wine store......

Okay, hold us in suspense.......

Did you open the store or did your just open a bottle?

If it was the store you opened then, congratulations!

It it was a bottle you opened without the store, hope you at least enjoyed the bottle between the tears of frustration.....

- Botafogo - 12-12-2000 10:16 PM

Foodie, AFTER the holidays, call me about a reciprical same day delivery agreement. We will probably have a lot of customers in common in the media and financial sectors.

Good luck, Roberto

- RAD - 12-13-2000 08:17 PM

Foodie, do you have a report for us? Hope all is going well--I'm planning on paying a visit this weekend!


- Thomas - 12-14-2000 08:57 AM

Oh yes, the store opened Monday, Dec 11. I have been working from 9 to 9 since--training, building and trying to get the contractors to fix what they ruined. ...

This is both a great and a terrible time to open such a business, but I rarely do things the easy way.

Our own Scoop is doing some part time work with me--he is both knowledgeable and personable, and he speaks German and French too.

Roberto, that is a good idea. We shall pursue it in January. Do you go to Europe to find products that you bring in yourself? We plan on doing that, seeking products that are not distributed in NY. We have a dozen Italian labels on hold for the New Year.

- Scoop - 12-14-2000 11:43 AM

It's starting to shape up nicely, and it's going to be a lot of fun, so come one and all to IS-Wine "Innovative Wine Merchants" near (not on) "skid row", a.k.a. The Bowery. You'll find a bottle that you'll like -- even WW.

(Hmmm, maybe this belongs in the Advertising/Promotion category...Oh well! [img][/img])

Just think, you can debate food/wine pairings with Foodie -- live!



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- Innkeeper - 12-14-2000 12:39 PM

WW has personally informed me, mano-y-mano, that he will NEVER AGAIN, venture east of the Mississippi. So we easterners will have to dream up the grandest lure of all time. Then, again, why should we?

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- winoweenie - 12-14-2000 07:09 PM

Why, I ask, should I leave my beloved west when I can with just the push of a button and the click of the mouse get the intelligent conversation, sage advice,gentle banter, and Foodie and Hotsies receipes whilst lounging in my shorts by the pool? winoweenie

- Bucko - 12-14-2000 07:43 PM

Man, WW, cover them legs up! I'm going blind here! Pass me those welding goggles...