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- quijote - 05-09-2003 12:34 AM

I can see why this place is so popular. I went there last weekend, and the selection and volume are really quite spectacular. There are some wine-tasting stations where you can fill up a small, disposable cup with featured wines, and--a good sign--a sauvignon blanc tasting was taking place in the back room. (I doubt I'll ever see a sauvignon blanc tasting in Milwaukee, but I'm hopeful.)

There were some disadvantages to this type of store (a wine superstore): the aisles are too narrow, the layout is cluttered, and frankly, for a newbie, the selection was so overwhelming that at first it seemed like I had never learned anything about wine. Given these drawbacks, there's a lot to be said about smaller wine shops that may not have the big volume, yet do more to help the customers while they shop.

- Innkeeper - 05-09-2003 05:03 AM

The best way to handle such challenges is to have some wines or types of wines in mind, and ask directions to them. For example you may be looking for a Sancerre Rouge, and are interested in Lorie wines in general. Chances are, in a place like Sam's, you will have a large selection.

- quijote - 05-10-2003 10:30 PM

You're right IK; I'm starting to keep better track of wines that I haven't been able to find around here in Milwaukee, so next time I go to Sam's I won't have to start from scratch. I did remember a few wines to get, all recommended on this board, including Wirra Wirra Scrubby Rise and Brancott Reserve SB. But I also looked for Huia SB and Ritratti Pinot Grigio, and neither was in stock!