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- joeyz6 - 09-10-2001 02:23 PM

Anyone know of any good wine stores in Chicago or the North suburbs? I saw Innkeeper's post about the Italian store in Wilmette and am going to check it out, but I was just wondering if anyone knew of any others. Thanks! [img][/img]

- Bucko - 09-10-2001 03:21 PM

From a Wine Friend:

Wine Discount Center
1826 1/2 N. Elston Ave.
Chicago, IL
Phone: 312-489-3454

Only a few blocks from Sam's and a much better alternative for serious wine lovers. Wine Discount Center is spartan and far from trendy, crammed full of stacks of wines in their cardboard shipping boxes. Never mind. The selection is remarkable, including many rare and hard-to-find items; the staff is knowledgeable, and the discount prices are among the lowest in the Chicago area.


- slovakwine - 11-03-2002 11:32 AM

Bucko, good point, but Sam's really is something for those people who have never been inside. It is just huge and the selection is pretty amazing. Also, it is not just fancy wines. You can always find wines on sale at Sam's from $4-10 if you are willing to try something unheard of. Those prices can not be beat even by the major brands that flood Dominick's, Jewel, etc.

FYI - Sam's is right around North Ave and Sheffield (near Goose Island brewery and Best Buy if you know where those are)

- joeyz6 - 11-03-2002 03:31 PM

Goodness, I had forgotten about this post. With a year more experience under my belt I can definitely second Slovak's post. The Sam's in Chicago is by far the best wine store -- both selection and value -- I've ever been in. The service is excellent as well ... they don't snicker at me because I'm young. But I admit I haven't had the chance to check out the Wine Discount Center yet. I drove past it once; it is far smaller than Sam's, but of course I'll give it a try anyway next time I'm in Chi-town.

- joeyz6 - 06-04-2003 06:18 PM

I finally got the chance to go to the Wine Discount Center yesterday. Bucko, your friend is right, it is great. It's far, far smaller than Sam's, but somehow they manage to keep sought-after wines in stock for excellent prices. They guarantee the lowest price on all their wines. I was able to find a Tommasi Pinot Grigio in there (Sam's is always out), as well as a handful of Guigal bottlings, including the '99 Chateauneuf-du-Pape that won WS's Wine of the Year award. It was $48, but they also had the '00 for about $28. Friendly service, too. I'll definitely go here before I go to Sam's in the future.