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- wondersofwine - 11-01-2010 12:43 PM

On Oct. 20, I was dining at Fandango in Pacific Grove, CA when the lights went out--first most of the lights and then all of them. Report was that a car had knocked down a light pole. It was early evening (I hadn't been able to book a table at 7:00 PM) so there was still some twilight through the windows and they brought out some lanterns and candles. The ovens are gas so they were still cooking. I had a very tasty meal of sand dabs appetizer (sauteed in butter and herbs)and prawns with spaghetti (they were going to substitute fettucine for me but must have forgotten.) With the fish and seafood I had a Morgan Sauvignon Blanc from Monterey County. It was crisp with more gooseberry than the Lockwood S.B. at had at lunchtime or the Grivas at Bernardus Tasting Room in Carmel Valley. Tangy with some grapefruit pith.