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- TheEngineer - 08-27-2007 02:46 AM

Whenever I'm in Vancouver (and that's been frequently lately), after a long day, I've adopted a practise that the locals and many Japanese / Chinese / Koreans do at the end of the work day. The Japanese name for these establishments are Izakayas (a play on the word of a place that serves Sake). Except in Vancouver, they have become chic, modern, tapas style dishes that are deconstructions of the typical Japanese food.

The one I go to a lot is called Hapa Izakaya (on Robson Street). While I don't consume a ton of sake, the dishes are great, the staff are friendly and causal but highly efficient and pleasant and the place plays the loungey cool kind of music I like in a dark, modern interial.

Anyone who is going to Vancouver, I would highly recommend this place but if there are more than one diner (I dine alone often), reservations are recommended....highly..