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- Homewine - 07-27-2004 01:47 PM

Although I think this site is great, I have found another source of information that you may find helpful.

If you would like to, you may wish to post questions and your recipes on the www.WinePress.US discussion forum ( There are no annoying pop up ads or click thru ads just to continue reading a post of thier interest. The WinePress.US discussion forum has the largest membership of any wine making & grape growing discussion forum on the entire Internet.

Membership is FREE, and usually within minutes of posting your question, someone will have an idea to assist you. It is very active, with at least 20 new posts per day.

There are many topics available to post, including General wine making, Kit Wine, Grape Growing and Vineyard Management, Corks, Bottles, Labels and Bottling, Equipment Discussion, Wine Recipes, Wine Cellars, Photos and many more.

It is very international, mainly with members from the united states, canada and australia. It's certainly worth a look.

Thanks again for this forum! It really is great!