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- lakecomon - 04-06-1999 02:26 PM

Last fall we had the good fortune of going cherry-picking at Door Co, WI. The cherries we picked are the tart kind and very good. We had hoped to make wine from them but are unable to find any recipes in any of our many winemaking books. Does anyone know of any tried and tested good cherry wine recipes?

- Bill - 06-14-1999 07:48 PM

I have been making wine 20+ years. I lived in Ks. for several years and found the tart cherry trees abundant. this cherry makes a wide variety of good wines, from sweet to dry you will find one pound of fruit and one pound of sugar to be a mid. range. I use 1-1-1 Fruit-Sugar-Water. A good wine yeast is a pluss but fleshmans will do. only one level tsp. for 5gal. wash fruit (but don.t remove any stem or pip) the stem,peeling,and seed are needed for tannin. Mash fruit as best you can (potato masher works well)Put all ingred. in an open top container big enough to hold it pluss about 15% more ( the fruit will swell)mix well enough to disolve sugar, cover with towel or sheet, let set 7 days undisturbed. siphon what juice you can without moving the vessel. add same amount sugar to same amount watter put this in vat mix well, let set 7days. siphon,strain and set this juice. the juice from the first take should be put under air lock when you siphon it as does this. You should taste the mixture at the time you draw it, to see if it need more sugar.DON'T drink any amount it will have bad effect on system. Let this wine work for at least 6mo. You can add sugar at any time, but when you do remember it will take longer to finish. I use 5gal plastic water bottles to work mine off and NEVER move one untill I know the wine is done. it will be as clear as what you buy in about 9mos - 1yr.