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- link514 - 10-12-2005 08:59 AM

my first wine ever was wlchs grape juice and bakers yeast, it tasted awful. now i am interested in making it the right way and i have a few questioins

1) if i bought grpaes from teh grocery store would those work? i here a lot of people want to grow the grapes themselves

2) kind of off topic but theres no way i will drink the rest of my welchs stuff, i hear that you can freeze out the alchohol, if this it ture i want to do that so i can at least get something out of the 3 weeks it took to make.

3) if it is possible to freeze out the high proof shuld i dilute it? how much should i dilute it

4) back on topic will cold weather kill the yeast and ruin the process? i'm thinking about 30 degrees farenhieit.

sorry if my questions seem odd

- Thomas - 10-12-2005 07:30 PM

Links, buy a home winemaking book. You haven't even enough basic knowledge to begin on your own.